This is a chauraha, a place where four roads meet, rather than a place where two roads cross each other. People will converge at the crossing to share, give and take, enrich and be enriched, enjoy and create joy in Liberty, Equality and Fraternity! They will leave in peace, in one piece, hopefully to return to renew their acquaintance with this bourse of heart, mind and above all stomach.

For what would we all be doing if we had not these stomachs to fill? (anonymous-Kashmiri)

2 Responses to “About”

  1. drymartini Says:


    I would love to enjoy your site better. But it is nearly unreadable because of the format you gave it. Have a look at it at a 13″ notebook at 1280×800 px. About 3/5 of the screen is filled with the right red bar, the actual text is squeezed to the left.

    Apart from that, I like your blog.

    Best regards

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