Khasta Dal Puris

June 3, 2014

Dal PuriDal Puri 2Took a leaf out of one of Sunil Mehra‘s amazing cooking posts and interpreted it with what I had here. Mixed leftover moong dal (cooked with kadi pata etc.) with flour and kasuri methi, crushed red pepper, jeera and ajwain to make puri dough. Kept it air-tightly covered in the fridge over night. Next morning rolled out and fried some really khastha puris, lots of them. Placed them on reams of paper towels to absorb extra oil. Took them to an International Potluck and came back with an empty basket. Sunil, I think your post said urad, but I sure most dals would work just as well. This is the first time I have used kadi patta and kasuri methi together and it was pretty good.

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