Purple Kohlrabi or Monje Haak, the heart’s desire vegetable of all Kashmiris

December 20, 2013

Purple Kohlrabi or Monje Haak, the heart's desire vegetable of all Kashmiris

Purple Kohlrabi
It happened again, for the hundredth time! As I was about to buy Kohlrabi, a staple in my Himalayan Valley of Kashmir, someone asked me how I was going to cook it. Having been accosted thus many times I was prepared. Choose a bunch with good leaves, I said, wash and wipe dry. Skin rough parts, slice thick, or dice into largish chunks. Heat oil, your choice , though I prefer canola for its non intrusive flavor. Add chopped garlic, or a pinch of hing, (asafoetida) if you know it already, a couple of dry hot red chilies, salt to taste, water to barely cover, a pinch of a pinch of baking soda (to tenderize and keep leaves green) cover and cook until very little (a couple of tablespoons) water remains!
Serve with hot steamed rice and plain yogurt for a meal fit for sages! Enjoy!
Next time I shall just refer folks to this post on my blog. This one is for you, Arcie and Maria!

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